Friday, March 25, 2011

Last Thoughts...

Our last day of work was yesterday.  The medical team held a clinic at Lolmolok which was about an hour drive from Ken and Susan's.  (An hour drive may not sound like that far, but there were 12 of us crammed like sardines in the Black's Land Rover over poor roads...we no longer have personal space issues.)  The construction team finished the kitchen structure and the stove and sink are in place.  The preschool is almost done.  The Samburu workers will finish the roof. 

Today was a day of packing and rest.  We visited Maralal town and did some local shopping.  We then went to the BTL (Bible Translation and Literacy) headquarters.  We met with the men who have translated the Book of Luke for the Jesus Film.  They are working on making Samburu into a written language as well as completing a Bible in Samburu.  Their work is very tedious and undergoes rigorous review.

This afternoon we drove to Lare Oibor for one last photo under Grace's tree.  (See previous post.)  When we arrived most of the congregation was there.  These people had become familiar to us while we were here and we have come to love them very much.  We all prayed around the new kitchen and then the preschool.  It was after that that the church surprised us with elaborate gifts.  The women hand-made jewelry for the men and women and presented them to each of us.  We were humbled and grateful.  Many tears were shed.  We truly will miss this body of Christ in Lare Oibor. 

We ate one last emotional meal with Moses and Jane Chepkwon (pastor of the local AIC church).  It was a time of fellowship, prayer and the Word.  We are grateful for them and their service in Samburu.

Tomorrow we fly to Nakuru for a game drive and then on to Nairobi for one last night before departure.  We look forward to seeing our friends and family, but will miss the new friends we have made here.  It is awesome to know that even though you are a foreigner, we are all the same Body. 

Thanks for your prayers.  The ministry here is thriving because of them.

Mikitama yana Enkai,
Samburu 7

(I tried to upload photos...but the computer is not cooperating...again.)


  1. Praying for the time in Nakuru at the game park and for your travel back to us. God has certainly been at work! We are excited to see you and hear all about your adventures! Bless you all.

    Barb and Pat Bennett

  2. Safe travels. See you here in Manhattan soon. Thanks for posting and sharing your journey with all of us. May God bless and keep you.

    Doug and Nancy Hofbauer